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Advancing BC’s Manufacturing sector

A New Economic Narrative for BC

BC Tech, in partnership with the City of Surrey, City of Richmond and Township of Langley are proud to be working together towards a new economic narrative for BC, by advancing the capabilities of our manufacturing sector.

As Surrey, Richmond and Langley represent more than 70 percent of all manufacturing activity in BC, our Advanced Manufacturing project has the opportunity to impact thousands of manufacturers and the future of BC’s economy. Over the course of the project, we have identified existing industrial capabilities that could be retooled to support future emergency production needs and helped companies diversify their businesses by focusing on emerging opportunities in new sectors. This De-Risking Emerging Market Opportunities "DEMO" Toolkit and associated Digital Resources will help BC’s manufacturers assess market opportunities, adopt technology solutions, build resilience and accelerate their growth. The digital economy is here to stay, and we want to empower all BC companies to scale by adopting technology. This partnership has enabled us to bring made-in-BC technology solutions to manufacturers to help ensure their businesses continue to grow and thrive.


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