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Business Walks Manual

This manual focuses on designing and implementing business walks as part of your overall Business Retention and Expansion Program, which addresses the needs of existing local businesses. A Business Walks is only one component of a comprehensive BRE program and should not be the only business engagement undertaken.

The primary objectives of business walks are:

  • Taking a day to get the pulse of the local business climate by identifying successes and obstacles that local businesses may be facing;

  • Engaging with Local Leaders and external agencies in the process of reaching out to the business community;

  • Respond to those needs using a wide variety of services, such as technical assistance, workforce development, financing, and building new markets;

  • Address local issues that detract from a healthy business climate in which local businesses can prosper and grow;

  • Demonstrating to those that have already invested in your community that they are valued and appreciated.

A good business retention and expansion program will retain jobs and tax revenues within your community, foster the growth and development of local firms, and enhance your community‘s reputation as a good place to do Business. This manual will guide you in creating a successful business walks initiative as part of broader business retention and expansion initiatives.


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