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Why Choose BC

British Columbia (B.C.) combines a business-friendly environment with an outstanding quality of life. Organizations choosing to operate in B.C. benefit from our prime locations, rich natural resources, attractive investment climate and skilled, educated workforce. B.C. is naturally positioned to meet the needs of investors, businesses and trading partners looking for opportunities in jurisdictions that have strong and measurable ESG commitments.

Creative and educated communities throughout the province generate high-potential possibilities supported by government and industry. On the West Coast of Canada, British Columbia offers opportunity in expansion and capital investment across a wide range of industries, with trade representatives specializing in facilitating opportunities with investors from nations around the world.

  • Taxes, Incentive & Programs

  • Globally Connected

  • Skilled, Diverse Workforce

  • An Innovation Hub

  • B.C.’s ESG Advantage

  • World-Class Quality of Life


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